Please help relocate to Rhone-Alps area


(Raluca Dobre) #1

Hi there,

I would truly appreciate if you could advise me so we can decide where in the Rhone-Alps area to move within the next 2 years.

My husband and I have 3 kids and we are considering buying a plot of land or renting a house that we could restore within 30-40 minutes from the center of Geneva city. My husband travels a lot and works in finance, so he’ll be in and out of Geneva quite often.

Also, the place where we move should have easy access to a good public school (I know “good” school is subjective, but maybe you are aware of some sources where I can learn about quality of schools?) and we’d love to be close to other expats.

In one month, my husband and I are visiting the French surroundings of Geneva and if you can help with some suggestions that fit our profile, I’d be so glad!

Thank you in advance for your support!


(Christian Mauve) #2

Hi Raluca,

There are a lot of nice places well connected to Geneva through motorways. Depending on your budget the less you’ll pay the farther you’ll be from Geneva. Annecy isTHE sought after location for commuters but prices are sky rocketing there. Ferney-Voltaire is more rural but the posh rural way and prices are just a little lower. Annemasse and St Julien en Genevois are dull, I must say.
If you can’t find by yourself, feel free to contact me as I have a very good househunter in that area.
For more information, visit my website.


(Raluca Dobre) #3

Thank you so much for your quick reply, Christian! No wonder Annecy is such a hot spot :slight_smile: It’s beautiful.

(Joellie Martine) #4

Hi there,
First of all I wish all the courage possible for moving with kids! We just moved in 2015 from Canada to a town about 40 minutes from Geneva called Aix-les-Bains, France. We wanted to settle in Annecy as you can see it’s an amazing place, so stunning but i’m very budget conscious and didn’t want to go bankrupt. Annecy living is quite expensive and since it’s mostly a tourist town it’s population is so transient so you really don’t feel at home. We love Geneva and go often but wow it’s expensive, I find the cost of every day items so much more expensive. I love to cook and food prices were very high in Geneva in comparison to our town as well as eating out - close to impossible with kids in Geneva, i’m not sure about the surroundings but i’d like to do some exploring around Geneva in 2017 actually!
We love it here, it has such a great balance of lake and mountain as we are on Lac du Bourget and a 20 minute drive to the closest ski resort. Wherever you land I wish you the best and we should connect when you get here, i’d be happy to show you around!

(Bernhard (Bernie) Otupal) #5

Hi there,
We live since 5 years in La Tour du Pin, it’s about an hour from Geneva and 30 min from the airport Saint Exupery. All schools available. Direct at the A43. I see the mountains from my balcony. Good prices for property. Shopping centers all around the place. Also, we have the Sous-Prefecture here, means no traveling to Grenoble necessary. By train 30 min to Lyon. Check out and