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Last push for Winter Fuel petition

A PETITION against the UK government’s plans to axe Winter Fuel Payments for British pensioners in countries deemed to be “too hot”, including France, is nearing 9,000 signatures. If it hits 10,000 the government must give a written reponse to it. The petition can be signed by British residents or by British nationals wherever they live. However if you are not in Britain you may find the online form will not accept your postcode – in that case, leave the field blank.
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We had a long discussion on this a few weeks back: I just wanted to remind anyone who has yet to sign!

Thanks, Sarah!
Didn't know about the French assistance. I went through last winter with the house temperature at 9 degrees - did have a warm living room tho --- and I *didn't* get the flu!!

What has annoyed me about the Winter Fuel Allowance thing is that they fudged the figures by including the French overseas territories. While no-one wants to *lose* money, the WFA isn't going to change my life - but I am really bugged that the Civil Service treats us all like idiots!!

Have signed it

France based Brits should also see their Assistant Social. If they are on a low income they may qualify for the FSE fuel allowance of 200€ per year plus option to take an interest free loan of up to 400€ (it may be a bit more) towards electricity, gas, wood etc