Please tweet the cabinet RIGHT NOW

Dear friend,

Britain could be on the verge of war. The crisis in Syria is at boiling point, and our government is deciding whether to launch an attack. But right now, it’s rumoured Theresa May wants to make a decision without giving parliament a vote - meaning us, the public, will be shut out too.

At 3.30pm this afternoon, top government ministers are having an emergency meeting where they’ll decide what to do - and whether our MPs will get a vote. If we want all of our MPs to have a say on this, we have to bring our voices into the room, and we have to do it fast.

A stream of messages from us - the public - could be enough to convince the Cabinet to give our MPs a vote on whether we should go to war. Twitter is the quickest way to get our message heard: it’s a direct line to the ministers.

Decisions this big need to be decided by all of the MPs elected to represent us - not by a group of just 22 people. So, will you tweet the Cabinet to ask for a vote now?


If you don’t use Twitter, you can write a short message which the 38 Degrees staff team can Tweet to the cabinet on your behalf:


Thank you

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Or maybe we could call Westminster police station and ask them to arrest any and all politicians guilty of war crimes…??? Get an incident number…??? It is against International Law to attack a sovereign country who hasn’t (and has never) launched an attack on the U.K…

Love the hysteria.

do you think it is just a game Timothy?

Call me Tim and yes in many ways it is but played with ‘high stakes’. Trump has now pulled back somewhat from yesterday’s tweets as maybe just like in the UK the US public don’t have the appetite for another conflict so perhaps the ‘war of words’ will continue rather than an actual firing of weapons.


I hope you are right Tim.
But I fear that the appetite of the ‘public’ does not matter any more to these morons.
The US regime change in Syria has been planned since 9/11, and WWIII for even longer. These idiots who control us have no thought for the ‘public’ and actually think that war on a grand scale can be won.
I have never hoped more strongly that I am wrong.

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OMG I’m gonna die :scream::scream::scream:

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Just a thought, look what happened the last time the public were consulted on a governmentv decision…


a lot of thought gone into that then Simon

Not really Geoff - just got things nearer to home to worry about and don’t like being told or guided into what other people think my ‘priorities’ should be…:slight_smile:

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Philip May, husband of the UK prime minister, works for a company that is the largest shareholder in arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, whose share price has soared since the recent airstrikes in Syria.

The company, Capital Group, is also the second-largest shareholder in Lockheed Martin – a US military arms firm that supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support. Its shares have also rocketed since the missile strikes last week.

The fact has not gone unnoticed by some on Twitter, who agree that BAE Systems has done very well out of the UK-US-France allied airstrikes on Syria, which were sanctioned by Theresa May. It has been reported that the UK’s contribution to military strikes was to fire eight ‘Storm-Shadow’ missiles at an alleged chemical weapons facility, each of which cost £790,000 ($1.13 million) – totaling £6.32 million ($9 million). The missiles were manufactured by BAE Systems.

oh ! what a surprise. People without fathers is what they all are !

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A bit of balance here, May is a relationship manager not part of Capital Group’s investment team so has no influence in what companies are invested in. Of course he could be a cleaner and the same slur would apply so perhaps he should find alternative employment.

Whilst Capital Group are the largest shareholder in BAE they hold a massive 10% so no where near being majority shareholders which IMO is a big difference.