Plumber 16270 - Recommendations?

Two excellent plumbers that I’ve previously used have returned to the UK.

Can anyone recommend a plumber in and around 16270 Roumazières-Loubert?

Downside with that is if you have a problem with their work then no comeback.
Much better to use a local, work guarantee, quality of work in our experience excellent, no bodging, and support the artisans of your adopted country!

Probably no help to the OP but… if one keeps one’s eyes open and ear to the ground … often the Mairie is having work done… in municipal buildings/lodgings etc … and they usually make a good choice of Artisan …
and sometimes, there is a board proclaiming who is doing what… :+1:


I don’t think there was any suggestion that the previous (English) plumbers were engaged by Nigel anything other than appropriately…
There is nothing wrong with engaging English artisans who live in France, work in France and pay tax in France. We have and continue to do so - as well as using local enterprises for all sorts of work as we are just about to do so to resurface our driveway.

Not strictly true if the work is covered by decennial insurance as would be the case particularly in larger projects. You may find this explanation of decennial insurance helpful.

@Nigel-at-BUF-House I’ve sent you a PM


How valid would this be if the worker was no longer in France?

In my case, the decennial insurance would be totally valid as the plumber that I used for installations was also a gas engineer employed by a company that is still trading.

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You go to their insurance company who provided the decenalle insurance - you should have been provided with policy details when the work was done.

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Hi Nigel… it’s so that you can mark the Topic as “solved” if you wish.

Ours went bung.

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As @Mat_Davies has mentioned… when you get a professional in to do work… you should check that they are Registered & Insured to do whatever work they are quoting for.

The professional should provide a written Quote/Devis and the Siret/Siren Number should be clearly marked. This should be available before any decision is made or work commenced.
If you choose to go ahead… make sure you are given a copy of their Insurance, currently in force, to ensure that there is cover in place for the work you are requiring to be done.
Any subsequent problems (with workmanship/materials) can thus be resolved (if necessary) by that Insurance company.

This is how things have been explained to me… if anyone has more information, please share it with us.

I think you have it… if you don’t follow the rules, you might compromise any chance of later claiming against the original artisan’s decennial insurance.

We live in the same area but only been here for three months. First day we noticed toilet dripping at the back so I contacted the estate agent who sold us the house and they recommended a plumber who had serviced our central heating boiler. I have his contact details but haven’t used him yet as I fixed the leak myself. All I can say is that the central heating has worked perfectly. I can pass his details to you?

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Good Morning Geoff,
Many thanks, I’d really appreciate your plumber’s contact details.

kind regards,


Dept 16 in a different time zone? :upside_down_face:

well, it was 11 hours previous to when Geoff wrote his comment to Nigel and as his comment was written this evening, that would have been morning in 16 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Nigel, I’ve checked his website and he seems a bit over qualified for a leaking toilet etc. but hopefully worth trying. All I can say is that if he’s responsible for the heating and plumbing of our house he’s done a very good job.
All the best


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