Plumber/bathroom builder wanted urgently in 37290

When I was over I saw people with sack barrow loads leaving the shop.
Friends have just bought a pellet making machine so proem solved.

That’s a very pretty stove!

[quote=“Corona, post:21, topic:41193”]
Friends have just bought a pellet making machine…[/quote]

can you post some info, please… since others might find it useful…

Yes it is, and despite what Corona says, it is also quite efficient.
Everything in the stove is reduced to a very fine ash. At 10kw it heats the whole house and during the summer when it’s not in use, it looks good too especially as our place is a new modern build and this adds a certain je ne sais quoi :wink:

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I’ll except “quite efficient” :joy:

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Had a look this morning, none available (and Chinese, judging from the blurb)

Well if you are going to racist it about it hahaha. What doesnt have some connection with China?

my orange cake… :rofl:


And what sort of plate do you serve your orange cake on, @Stella ? :rofl:

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Beware of the many current online scams which seem remarkable value until they take your money and then don’t deliver. Cheapest around here (12) is currently €9.50, However I think the high prices will reduce in 2023.

My orange cake used to be presented on an old but attractive glass serving plate which had belonged to MiLaw (fond memories of her and the goodies she would dish up on that platter…)

orange cake