Plumber/bathroom builder wanted urgently in 37290

Does anyone know of a good and reliable plumber/bathroom builder either British or French (with a little English if possible) in 37290. We have a walk in shower which is lovely but which has not been installed well and is leaking (not from the pipes though). The tiling and tray need to be taken up, under tray support replaced, tray replaced, tiling replaced and resealed. We have the tiles needed.

We also need our heating system refilled and the boiler (oil) fired up.

Many thanks

as you’ve not had any replies here on the forum
… might I suggest you ask your Mairie about local Artisans… also talk with neighbours…

there might be a local directory… or similar…

best of luck
EDIT: thinking about it… is this a new home… how about a word with the agent.

Hi where abouts in France are you situated I may be able to help thanks

It’s very decent of you to offer to help… but it wouldn’t actually be helping…

The work needs to be done by a French-registered artisan… who is covered by Insurance for himself-at-work and the 10-year Insurance for the work that the artisan does…

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Ha, reading all the comments linked by you good folks was fun! The work on the shower was originally done “for cash” by someone for the previous owners of the house, no 10 year guarantees and a right bodged job.

@Stella, @graham and all the others are absolutely right, get the job done properly by a registered French artisan especially if you are new to France. The only problem I have is that they are so unreliable, I’ve had 2 so far to look at the job, estimate promised and then nothing.

I’ve tried crappy websites like “HelloArtisan”, appointment booked and they never turned up. Mind you it’s not so different in the UK. My son has been having 3 weeks work done for the last 9 months back in Bristol. In my old apartment block the ground floor was re-laid because of damp, the damp came back very quickly, builders went bust (£35,000 worth of work down the drain courtesy of the diabolical managing agents).

I wonder really; we needed the headlights changed on our car whilst importing it. I contacted 2 main MINI dealers with no response (so I thought). Actually they were just really bad at communicating, they both did eventually respond but it took them weeks.

We’ve been in our house now for almost 2 months and loving it, so much work to do and with winter on the horizon no proper heating, we are also trying to get an installer for a pellet stove to replace a lethal wood burner. Thank goodness a mild winter is forecast :wink:

What makes it “lethal”?
Not now interested in a pellet burner (we were, but not since the price of pellets has rocketed and bad reviews on the noise these devices make in operation) but IIRC all the pellet stove suppliers we looked at would also do the installation…

I keep an eye on which artisans the Mairie uses… there are council houses, salle des fetes, school… as well as the Mairie itself… and if those artisans are good enough to be trusted for council projects… I give 'em a go.

Must say, quality excellent, price negotiable up to a point… and pinning them down to a date is an art-form… but all well worth the effort…

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Yup, going down that route too but the few I have “talked” too tend to be for high end stuff. 7,000 Euros plus. If we are really lucky someone is supposed to be visiting tomorrow to advise on supply and fitting but I’m not holding my breath that they’ll turn up.

The wood burner has a couple of problems. The doors seals were pretty much non existent so I replaced them before we tried it. It’s not really pulling air in properly and IMHO it does not really seem to be designed to do so. We have a nice wood burner in our place in Croatia and the air is pulled in from under the grate, this one has the vents in the door which seems odd. We got half way through one log and had to open all the windows, our eyes were streaming that badly. The flue is a bit of a nightmare, it goes up the wall in the living room, through the wall into the kitchen and then into the kitchen wall to connect to the chimney flue. Herself has just finished cleaning the living room ceiling and the window frames which were all filthy from the fire.

I here what you say about the pellet fires, there will always be some noise from the feed mechanism. The price of pellets has increased but you can still buy in bulk for under 3 Euros a bag. Ideally we want an experienced installer who can also give us a bit of advice on the products we have selected but not yet purchased.

We’ll get there in the end…

Thank @Stella, the Mairie is always my first port of call and it’s only 25 meters away :slight_smile:

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an old Godin Colonial by any chance? We had one of those in a cottage we rented for 6 years - bloody useless thing to be honest.
I think it was designed to be used with the doors open for an “open fire effect” :roll_eyes:

@graham Here you go

No idea what it’s origins are, looks nice but that’s about it!

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ah… not the one I was thinking of then.

Ours is a 10kw Petit Godin cylindrical woodburner - very efficient (picture from when it was being installed)

That looks like a pretty normal woodburner tbh! Did you have the 2 vents at the front open? Did you sweep the chimney first? Possible there is a birds nest or something in the flue.

Are you sure on you info about the pellets? I’ve not seen them at that price for years! Most places are out of stock, 6-9€ is about the current price and have heard one mention of 16€/ bag next year. Be very careful, lots of scams about as well. Tread carefully! There is a thread somewhere all about it, I’ll try to find it for you.


Its the chimneys job to pull air not the wood burners, just saying. Sounds like you have longer horizontal flu runs?

Questionable comment, no secondary burn means not efficient.

When we were over in September pellets were being rationed at the local Bricomarche 9 euros a bag, max 6 bags per person. The places in Autun that usually sold pellets were all out of stock.

We had planned pellet stoves as part of the renovation, but the house is in a national park where timber is harvested, and it makes far more sense to get log burners.

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Very interested in this - many friends with pellet stoves trying to find bulk stock and as cheap as you quote :slight_smile: