Wood pellets for heating (granules de bois)

I would be interested to know where you get your wood pellets from and comments about quality, price, delivery. I have been using Total (Alvéa) whose service is excellent, but they are becoming expensive.

Hi Chris,
I use Bioforest super premium. I get them from Point Vert who do bulk buy offers each year. My neighbours and I order 3 pallets of 76 x 15kg bags together to save costs. You do have to collect them yourself but you have 15 days from the actual delivery date to do so. (This may vary from store to store. Mine is quite small so they can’t store much.)
My plumber has always told me that they are the best quality to buy, although not the most expensive. I can’t remember the exact price we paid last time we did a bulk buy but if you have a Point Vert near you, they usually do offers in June and August.