Any experience with this company:


My OH has asked me to query the kind folks on SF, to see if anyone’s had any experience dealing with this company: We are looking for someone reputable from whom to purchase wood pellets. Thanks in advance for any helpful responses.

I assume you have to pay by bank transfer? Obviously in the midst of a shortage reduced prices…

There’s loads more than normal this year - they all want bank transfers and thats how you know.

The moment bank transfer or PayPal donation/friends payments are asked run.

which department are you in…?
It’s possible your Mairie have housing which uses granules… so ask their advice since they will be using good suppliers…

(I am surprised to see special offers, since granules are like hens teeth in much of France)

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You are advised to pay by carte bancaire, which might give you some support if it all goes wrong…

This August link tells how what seemed like a “bargain”… turned out very badly…

and this latest link 29/9/22 warns of scams online, during this time of shortages…

please be careful.

They have the right APE code for their activity, and a siren that matches. They seem to have been registered since 2012.

So they look legit. But I have no direct experience of them.

Do a street view search on their address to see if there is a wood warehouse there!

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The company doesn’t allow carte bancaire, only bank transfer. OH was wondering if he could do a bank transfer from his English bank account, because you can get more protection against fraud with it.

So, no one has actually done business with this company?


sadly, no experience…
but the govt et al are warning about internet scams with granules/pellets being offered like this site is doing…
Some scams replicate genuine companies… it is a minefield.
and, as I say they advise NOT to do bank transfers as these cannot be reclaimed, whereas Bank Cards have their own insurance against fraud.

what you are comtemplating is a high-risk purchase…

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I’m deeply suspicious of their pricing. Why would people be offering a 21% discount to market rates, for the pallet, for example, given how much there is a supply (shortage) and (high) demand problem. I would look elsewhere.

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Thanks Stella. By the way, the Charente Libre issue Mardi 27 septembre 2022 has an article about a false enterprise based in Saint Yrieix in the Dordogne, called Scierie d’Asniere, which the maire of Saint-Yrieix has stated is a company that doesn’t exist. Just FYI.

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If you are sure you will get your money back… that is certainly comforting.

Not sure, thanks Stella. He says to say thank you for your posts on this! Cheers.

Thanks! OH has looked at this, and it looks like a very ornate-looking sort of cottage, with some outbuildings… It’s located right on the border between France and Germany. Appreciate your suggestions and info.

sadly, the fraudsters are all over the place.

I have found aupetit-granuledebois listed on a scam hunting website.

Lots of negative indicators I’m afraid, such as the fact that their website has been running for less than 6 months.

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They all use the same method - and using an existing siret usually from a defunct business and/or a very similar name.

It’s more reliable to use the website name and avis or arnaque - although the moment you see bank transfer only - you know it’s a scam.

You set it up - promote on Google - people are daft enough to think page 1 on Google makes it legit - or it’s a Google ad and so… - by the time people complain and Google finally removes it your next clone is up and running you rinse and repeat

Their web sites been there since 2nd October

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There seem to be more scam pellet websites than legit, be cautious!

In 2017 I got scammed by an Irish builder in the Dordogne whom I paid from a UK bank.
The bank were not that interested and were unable to recover my money.

The Met police’s fraud department were useless.

How do you find that? A v useful thing to know!,

Follow the link I gave earlier - all the info is there.

yes, that’s interesting info.
Also important to understand the dates are American style… month/day/year
Hence domain creation 9/10/22 = 10th September 2022 = less than 6 months