Plumber's Mait

Can anyone recommend a similar French product?

I’ve got some somewhere but can’t find it. I think it was this one:

Many thanks!

this maybe not sure if its the right stuff

What I need is something to fix a tiny leak on a plastic pipe with a compression fitting.
I intent to try PTE tape wrapped around the olive first.
However if that does n’t work, then I’d like to try some plumber’s sealant that does not permanently set rock hard.

It’s available from Amazon France

They have a pate de plomberie in france, bought some at a brico.

I’ve used liquid PTFE for similar. What it’s called in France is a different matter unless in Screwfix Frances limited offerings

Hmmm. Don’t think that’ll work. PTFE tape is for sealing the threads of scew fittings. If the olive is distorted, only replacing it will help.

The following product is magic for compression fittings.
Manufactured by GEB. Called “PATE A JOINT” Marked “SPECIAL EAU POTABLE” Does not set hard, so joints can still be undone even many years later. Works for water temperatures up to 135 deg C.
Smear a little over the pipe before fitting the olive onto the pipe so that there is some product between the olive and the pipe. Then smear a little more over the olive, assemble the joint and tighten. I find that it works just fine. If the olive is damaged then it really should be replaced, but if that is not possible then the PTFE tape in addition to the above product should do the trick.
When used in conjunction with hemp string on threaded joints it will withstand up to 200 bar of pressure.
The product is available in most Brico stores.

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Roberts - thanks for the advice.