Plumbing Normes

Just got to the stage of requiring to plumb my gite restoration and have spoken to some french plumbers who insist that everything conform to the Normes, particularly regarding the soil stacks and waste pipes.

I have asked if my usual practices from the UK regarding soil stack design would conform with French Normes, but am hitting a blank wall. the AFNOR website wants €90+ for the pdf file I think I need to look at so does anyone know how different French and UK soil stacks have to be?

Or somewhere that explains the Normes for soil/blackwater/evacuation pipes in English for a lot less than €90 please?



That’s great! So next question is PER, poly or copper or.mix of both? I used to Hep2O at home for concealed pipes and only use copper for exposed pipes.

What’s best value here?

LOL....quite!!! ;o))

My husband has just said exactly that "If you can conform to British Standards why lower them!"

While I agree in principal....the regs in the UK are a far higher standard than here with most building operations. So, with a few exceptions if you follow UK problem!!

When citizens of all nationalities start to follow the national and international regulations which apply to vehicles, construction and electrical materials, construction etc. which have a far more devastating impact when ignored than the plumbing side of things then I think perhaps someone, who has had experience of plumbing in the UK, need start worrying out the Normes. If there is a leak it will be discovered and it will be sorted but nobody will be harmed in the process.

My counsel

Follow the local regulations.

You would in the UK, why doi you suppose it is OK not to do so in France

Who is gojng to inspect your plumbing? They inspect your fosse septique but never your plumbing. If you plumbed in the uk and the house is for you carry on. It is not like the electrics which can cause fires or kill you.

Thanks guys, I know about pipe sizes etc., they were impressing upon me the need for waste to enter the stack above the WC, but that sounds normal to me anyway having spent the last 25 years designing bathrooms in the UK…

You should find most of what you need to know in this website

It takes some finding mind you but it is there.....bon courage!!