Plus ça change

This op-ed piece was written 50 years ago on the day of the moon landing in the Chicago Times - it could have been written yesterday.


they’ve a Plonker leading the US and we have a Plonker (Johnson) as Leader in the UK

what is going on - what hope for the future :skull_and_crossbones::upside_down_face::pensive::pensive:

We’re doomed, doomed I tell you!
Just as long as the pratt leaves my pension arrangements alone I couldn’t care a flying fuck.
I’ll not set foot in that awful place ever again.

Must confess it is our pensions - which are my big worry, especially since we “might” have to shell out for Health Care.

However, just had a delicious, swiftly cooked, light lunch and I did imbibe 2 glasses of white wine (for the shock) - so my next posts might be a little suspect/awry :rofl::upside_down_face::wink:

Our daugher and grandson, still in UK - are obviously of concern - their future etc etc. Just have to wait and see how things pan out… hic


My only advice Stella is… finish the bottle.

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