Plymouth Roscoff crossing......Muzzles?

(sandy simpson) #1

Hi Everyone…I though we had ticked every possible box to get our dogs safely to France…I have booked our crossing today…and now I just saw a clause that dogs must be muzzled???..We have 7…do they all have to be muzzled at the same time?..or can we have a couple of muzzles and put them on as and when needed?? Our dogs will be mortified!..We just don’t treat them in this way…but if that’s what’s required then i guess we and them just have to get on with it…Your experience would be gratefully recieved!! Sandy

(Gina Hams) #2

Just seen the other replies. Guess that gives you the answers you need. Hope all goes well When are you travelling. Gosh it must be so exciting and a mountain of paperwork to get all that organised. Will be thinking of you and the missus and all your lovely dogs. Courage mon brave. G .

(Gina Hams) #3

Hi Sandy.

Here is a link I found on the internet. Will see if I can find any other information. G .

(Judy Manville) #4

Hi Sandy
When we made the crossing from Poole a couple of weeks ago. I suddenly discovered this same thing - so rang Brittany Ferries…to be told that dogs only need to be muzzled if they are out of the vehicle for any reason - eg you might be walking them around the carpark for a pee break.Muzzles need only be soft, but I was told it is for the safety of staff who have apparently been bitten in the past.
I did tranquilise them though - sort-of, since Wellington’s didn’t really work and I think he spent the entire journey sitting in the driving seat of our camper. But Madam Flora was out cold for the whole crossing.