PM Theresa May announces Brexit plan at Tory Party Conference

Should remainers accept EU exit or is there more that can be done? Have your say in the comments below.

  • I voted remain - agree we should trigger art.50
  • I voted remain - want to stop this process
  • I voted leave - agree we should trigger art.50
  • I voted leave - want to stop this process

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Leaving the EU is the worst decision the UK made in the past 50 years. One which cannot be undone once article 50 is triggered. The whole referendum was a complete farce based on mis-information and scaremongering. In his speech Boris Johnson highlighted 5 - 6 million British people live abroad and spoke of the contribution they make to their adopted countries. Wake up Boris, we live abroad because we got so fed up with the way Britain was heading and got out. I for one would never set foot in the UK except maybe if one of my children had a real emergency.


If I hear “we must negotiate the best deal for the UK” one more time… There is far too much incompetence in both local and global politics at the moment and it doesn’t look like it will improve any time soon.

So Jennie, if you wouldn’t set foot in Britain why are you so concerned. Leave those who choose to live in Great Britain decide and support what the majority voted for.

Presumably because it has had and will continue to have a massive impact on Britains living overseas for generations to come?

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James, I’m not aware that anything was ever guaranteed for years to come and in particular the survival of the EU in its present or future form.

I am concerned because of the profound effect of the decision 17 million or so misguided people will have on the lives of other European nations and the stability of Europe in general. I used to live in France but now live in a country where immigrants are made to feel welcome because of the contribution they make to the culture, diversity and economy. Britain is showing just how rascist and inward thinking it has become. I am also concerned about the future of my children and grandchildren.


Jennie, I suppose one could be forgiven for concluding there is an arrogance in judging all of 17 million people’s views as being misguided. It’s regretful that people who are proud of their country and heritage and who want to retain such heritage may be considered racist. All countries have limitations and given the land mass and the infrastructure of the UK, alas there is a limit to the sustainability of its growing population.

Can we have an option for, I consciously abstained from voting as I feel it is not for me to chose the direction of a country in which I no longer live in or contribute to, but (would like them to get on with it)(would like them to ignore the outcome of a referendum)