PM wrote F. Off Boris


(James Higginson) #1
PM wrote F. Off Boris...

He obviously got the wrong end off the stick!

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(Valerie Skinner) #2

Tee hee

"Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, David Davis, the Brexit secretary, and Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, will get joint use of Chevening, the grace and favour home traditionally used by the foreign secretary.

The three leading Brexit ministers are not great chums and quite how the Brexit house-share will work in practice remains to be seen although, given that Chevening has 115 rooms, it should be possible for them all to turn up at once without having them having to worry about one of them hogging the bathroom."

(Jane Williamson) #3

James, he always had the wrong end!

(Valerie Skinner) #4

He's just published his column in the Telegraph - I can't read it because I'm not a subscriber but could there not be a problem posed by the Foreign Secretary writing for a newspaper and is he allowed to be paid for it under ministerial rules?

(Jane Williamson) #5

Valerie, many Ministers write articles for newspapers. I do not believe there is a problem if they declare the earnings.

(Valerie Skinner) #6

Ah, my concerns are allayed. Thank you Jane.

(Valerie Skinner) #7

Problem solved

(Roland SALVATO) #8

Boris Johnson is just like Donald Trump. But with his hair on sideways.