Police Check

Hello All, Anyone know how & where & if you can get a police check in France?

In the UK I think it’s a CRB (criminal records bureau) or DBS (not sure!)
It’s for an interview in the UK - and I’m thinking ahead - in the uk it’s pretty easy online. It’s not for working with children. thanks, Teresa

This one?

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It is the DBS now

Extrait de Casier Judiciaire. You need to ask for one from the Ministry of Justice, I think there is an online application process now (can’t remember exactly, as last time I asked for one was a while ago). In normal circumstances, you should receive a corresponding letter in about 10 working days. I seem to recall that you have to have lived in France for a certain time though before they can issue one (5/10 years ?)

Very easy, and free. I had to get the basic one a couple of months ago and I got it returned to me in about a week. No requirement to have been resident for any set time.


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Thanks All - I’ll send of for mine from France and also the DBS from the UK.
Good to know - or not! depending on the results!
x teresa

OMG ! it’s £23 in the UK !!!

brilliant reply Jane J - thanks so much

£23??? My ACPO Police Check for international use was £55, and that was Jan this year??


Hm. that’s a crazy amount of money. It’s not for international use - I need it for the UK - so maybe that’s the difference in price.

Rip Off Britain :wink:

Why use taxes for public service, when you can get the public to pay taxes and pay for public services ? :rofl:

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Even better Alex, sell them something they already own :wink:


Hey guys,

Just wondering what do I need for a dbs check in France? ID and what else?

Hi @Amarilda_Tokaj
I think this is what you need to look at

I used to have Secret clearance, but it didn’t cost me a penny.