Police warning

I hope you can read this one. It puts the slanted reporting on gangs and what might have happened to the 'Alps killings' victims in a new perspective.

If you can read that then match that with a warning about driving here in France. I doubt it is possible.

PS. It's real!

It was put up on Facebook by the woman who was our neighbourhood watch coordinator in Wales! She gets loads of stuff, mainly about avoiding city centres during events and the like. Seems like a perfect place to slip one of these in.

Bur where did you get it from Brian?

Hahaha, they got me this time and hundreds of other people too from the looks of it! Mind you, the egg one is quite accurate and gives perfectly good advice.

It's a hoax Brian. See


The Met Police logo looks real enough but any fool can gussy up one of those. The organisation Crime Stoppers doesn't operate in this manner its warnings tend to be much more sober and generalised. This hoax has been doing the rounds in the US and Canada for some time.