Polished Concrete worktops and floors

Just finished a test section of concrete, I will be making the kitchen worktops from concrete at some point, so I want to get a feel for what aggregated and additions look good.

you should but Fu Tung Cheng’s book ‘Concrete Countertops’ for inspiration.

Also you need to polish to expose the aggregates if you choose to, you can achieve a marble like finish, it’s an excellent material, I love it!

Hi Fred,

That won’t work I’m afraid. You need a trowelled and screeded surface to begin from when polishing an in situ slab. The flatter the better, the bathroom I just finished was within about 4 mm tolerance.

I use melamine as it gives you a smooth finish to start polishing from. Ply is fine too though

Fu Tung Cheng is the man I watch mostly, Concrete Exchange is his site, He’s the master!

James, try this link

What are you using as formwork, there are several good sources of this which i will try and get you when i am in my office tomorrow. You might try google the early work of David Chipperfield Architect who used it quite a lot in high fashion shops.

Hi james, i have’nt tryed this myself, someone told me if you lay a sheet of thin plastic over wet concrete you get polished look when dry ??
If you’re still experimenting give it a try.

Hi James, My wife is very keen for us to try concrete work surfaces in the kitchen / utility room at some stage so I will “watch this space” as far as your experiments go. Good luck, Phil.

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What does it look like, I am waiting with baited breath James :smirk:

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