Polishing old stone floors

We have recently purchaed a house with an old flagstone hallway. There is a little bit of gloss on the edges of some of the “tiles” but most are quite dull.

Does anyone know of a wax/polish suitable to give these stones a bit of a glow? I imagine they will require some buffing…

Sounds like you really rate this product Bernadette, facing the task of re doing ours in acouple of weeks so see if we can find it locally.

Senior moment on my part, it's Oxane.


It is a very long time since we bought it, had a look and it seems to be available on line (have not tried the bricolage stores) - I even had the spelling wrong. Go for the satin unless you like the ice rink look.

We remove all of the furniture, thoroughly clean the floor and paint it on with a paintbrush. A real labour of love with what seem to be acres of floor here. The 2.5 ltr tin did about 45m2. It is VERY smelly. Pick a day when it is going to be very warm, open all of the doors and windows and start early in the morning. It needs eight hours to dry. Well worth the effort though, it lasts for ages.

Good luck

I think that may be Oxydrine (st marc) it's French sugar soap I believe

Thanks Bernadette - much appreciated. Where might I get Oxyne and how is it applied?
I apologise for my ignorance

We use Oxyne (a tip given to my OH by a busy restaurant). Was last done fifteen years ago and when the weather warms up we shall be doing the high traffic areas for a second time. Then just a vacuum and mop keep the floor beautiful. I invested in a steam mop - saves me hours of work.