Political ignorance

One thing which strikes me, especially over Brexit, but more generally as well is the breathtaking lack of knowledge that those who we elect to govern have on the issues of the day.

We’ve had Andrew Bridgen claiming that all English have the right to an Irish passport, David Davies being utterly clueless about how the EU worked (expecting to negotiate directly with Germany, for instance, or thinking that the NI-Ireland border was “internal” to the UK) or Nadine Dorries who thought that the NI-Irish border was “frictionless” before we joined the EU (she must have forgotten about all the checkpoints in the 1970’s).

Now we have Dominic Raab admitting that he hadn’t really thought about how crucial the Dover-Calais link is to UK trade with the EU.



And they talked about Project Fear.
The most frightening thing is, as you say, their ignorance.
Don’t confse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.
They also seemed totally ignorant of how their Campaigns were breaking the law regarding funding and data protection.
Actually the most frightening thing is the amount of people who believed them.


I don’t suppose any of them have any idea which religion the pope adheres to, or where bears defecate, either.


There is new distrust between TM and the DUP following a five page letter she sent to Arlene Foster.
It now seems that the DUP want the promise of no different border for Northern Ireland written into the withdrawal agreement.

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As ever Chris Grey covers the topic much better than I can.

Thanks for putting me in touch with his succinct and apposite column.