Political representation in UK

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This is something I will definitely look into subject to her reply .

I just find it very depressing the politicians seem to be able to make it up as they go, Priti Patel’s recent utterances being the latest example.

I have also found there in no official channel to complain about your MP being incompetent.

Gets worse the deeper you dig.

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As a UK citizen, you have the right to continue to vote in the UK for 15 years after taking up residence abroad. You also have the right (for the moment) to vote in EU elections, either in the UK or in your country of residence. As a resident, you can also vote in French local elections but not National elections for President or Parliament.
But your last UK constiency needs to know where to find you. You can register your details on line and unless you want to travel and attend in person, you should register as an overseas voater so as to receive your voting papers by post.
While on the subject of the 15 year rule, I now refer to myself as an European, since in my country of birth I am unable to vote, along with criminals and the insane. A French citizen is allowed to vote anywhere in the world as long as he lives. But even worse, overseas residents were not allowed to vote in the Brexit referendum that has already had a disasterous effect on my retirement income and is likely to get worse. Some may think they are taking back control, but that kind of control I can do without!


I wonder whether you could complain to the parliamentary committee on standards? MPs are supposed to give particular weight to representing their constituents, and telling you essentially to eff off isn’t that!

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15 years here too, Mike totally agree with you. The way we were treated not being able to vote on the one issue that absolutely concerns us was appalling.
(please note every day running of the Uk and which Political party are in power does not bother or concern me)

I wrote to my UK MP about Pet Passports as the situation is ridiculous and instructions (such as they are) contradictory. I received a two page letter telling me how proud she was of having voted as she had through all the Brexit debates. I replied by email, suggesting she might like to read my enquiry before replying again. She apologised and said she had no idea either. Probably less stressful not to contact the MP, but await decisions as they are made. We just have to work out which country to be in on 31st October…or not. If we are in the UK we can take the dog to France easily as nobody looks at dog or her passport in that direction. If we are in France she will need a new French passport and possibly, but not necessarily, a new rabies vaccination and blood test.

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I took our dog for his annual vaccinations last week - he has a French passport . The vet said that all dogs coming into france after 31st October would now have to have a blood test (for rabies antibodies) within 3 months before entry. The reasoning being that the UK will become a third world country.

I think you mean a third country…

@graham re third country…

Maybe 3rd Class country, as railway carriages used to be designated under the old pre-British Rail dispensation.

Birmingham was served by two pre-BR Companies, both ran express trains to London. LMS (London, Midland and Scottish) Birmingham New Street to Euston: and GWR (Great Western Railway) Birmingham Snow Hill to Paddington.

It was always 1st Class or 3rd Class. I don’t think anyone ever enquired about 2nd Class, it didn’t exist. I always liked to travel in the Guard’s Van at the end of the train, amongst the boxes, crates, churns and bicycles, if the Guard allowed.

Just as an aside - didn’t John Cleese sound very much like JRM :upside_down_face:

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No, I think Mark was spot on. :slight_smile:

I think @Peter_Goble has it nailed…

With a name like yours, would you and any others in the same boat (15 yr rule and UK taxpayer) be interested in staging a re-run of the Boston Tea Party in Boston Lincolnshire?

You might be forgiven, by reading the UK daily papers and listening to various jingoistic MPs, for thinking that Great Britain is , indeed, first among nations - a paragon of staunch adherence to the concept oif democracy, law and all-round decency. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even a cursory glance at history shows that GB has behaved appallingly over the centuries. We acquired an empire basically by theft, cheating, butchery, devious manipulation of local politics, bribery, and making agreements or treaties with various indigenous people, which said treaties we had no intention of honouring. We managed to dominate the high seas largely by state-licensed piracy and built the largest navy ever in order to ensure that no-one could challenge said supremacy. Mogg worships the Victorians, who were among the biggest culprits of all. Victorian society was appallingly undemocratic - God forgive you for being poor (a state that still obtains today) and let’s not mention slavery.
And today, there is a large section of the public which has been brainwashed into thinking that Britannia still rules the waves and we still have the standing which we once bullied the rest of the world into recognising. I am not, thank the lord, English, having been born well north of Hadrians Wall but I lived and worked in the south of England long enough to feel total shame at the way in which the UK/GB has still managed to summon breathtaking arrogance in its dealings with the EU over Brexit (and, indeed, before).

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I e-mail mine and always get a reply.

Good stuff, John @flartybarty!

More than a touch there of 8th Century BC prophet and crazy revolutionary Elijah of whom is is said "The voice of one crying in the wilderness: prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.”

(Modern) translation perhaps, " There’s got to be a better, more equitable, just and productive way of ordering human affairs than the one you’ve imposed on us…"

Poor Elijah nearly copped it in the desert talking to himself. Fortunately he met a widow who fed him up, talked a bit of sense into him, and together they got things sorted and overthrew Ahab.

The widow (of Serta but otherwise nameless) was, in my imagination, a turbo-charged mash-up of Véronique, Stella, Jane Williams, Mandy Davies, Cat Higginson, Teresaship, Jeanette Leuers and Helen Wright. There are many others but my thumb is getting twinges and I need a cup of tea. If I missed you out it’s my failing, not yours, and I am sorry!

I’m not religious but the story of imperialist hegemony (Ahab/Trump) over usurped colonial subjects is not new, and their bloody come-uppance is well documented too.

There were droughts, fires and floods in those days too.

I don’t mind the droughts, fires and floods. It’s the mindless bloody idiots that grip me. And they’re EVERYWHERE.:rage:

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Coo, I got flagged and abused by the outraged for saying much less than that! Hope you have your tin hat handy!

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[quote=“Norman_Clark, post:38, topic:26972, full:true”]
Coo, I got flagged etc.

Coo? Where on earth did you dig that ante-diluvian shrivelled lichen-encrusted fossil up from, Norman? :grinning:

Though it warmed the cockles!

Gadzooks, 'tis the wisdom of the Sphinx you oft-times utter, forsooth and shiver me timbers! :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Morning All

Further to my original post I have just received this e-mail from my MP
Dear Mr Whitby

Thank you for your further email.

Please accept my apologies for any confusion my statement caused in relation to your registration as an overseas voter and registration on the electoral role. The most recent electoral register I received from the council did not show you as being registered at the address in West Hallam and gave no indication you were registered as an overseas voter.

I understand from the council that they have confirmed you are registered as an overseas voter so again please accept my apologies for any confusion.

Yours sincerely

I find this a strange response.

How can I possibly be on the register with no address or being flagged as an overseas voter.

I have contacted the electoral officer for a response, as this either exposes a massive hole in the register, or somebody is not being totally up front.

We will see

Have a great day


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Obfuscation and wool-pulling to cover up lack of knowledge. Why can’t someone simply say sorry I was wrong?

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