Polyclinique Inkermann - Niort

I need some help from someone who has knowledge of how Polyclinique Inkermann Niort website works because I am having terrible trouble in getting any further than the first page.

History: I had two cataract operations (14th June and 24th June) at the Clinique. I received an invoice for payment for the first operation, which I paid but when I clicked on the link to pay, it gave no information regarding the details, is just said ‘pay’. It acknowledged my payment and said I would receive confirmation of payment ‘shortly’.

So I’ve been trying to access my account there but can’t get passed the first screen. It comes up with ‘My Profile’ and I’ve completed this, including proof of identity but when I fill in ‘my contact details’ and click on ‘validate my registration’ the screen then says ‘ modify’ or ‘validate’ and whatever I click on, when it goes back to the previous screen, none of the details I entered are there. I was hoping to actually get into my account so I could check the invoice but I can’t access it.

What am I doing wrong? I need to get a ‘bordereau de facturation détaillée’ to send to my mutuelle. I’ve sent Polyclinique two emails asking for this information but no-one has answered. Also I’ve tried phoning the hospital – at least 30 times - and no one answers. So today I phoned the Complaints Department and asked to be put through to the accounts department. I was immediately put back to the main hospital number where no one answered.

I’m loathe to pay the second invoice – I know I will have to pay it eventually but I really cannot understand how their website works.

Can anyone walk me through the procedure please. I’ve been tearing my hair out and finding the whole process really confusing and annoying.

If only the admin staff were as good as the medical staff at this hospital!

Thank you.

Sadly, this sounds like a not uncommon experience of a French website simply failing to function.
Probably a personal visit to the Admin Dept during office hours will do the trick, but I certainly would not pay any further money until such time as they provide a detailed bill.

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Unfortunately, Niort is about 60km from me so it’s not all that convenient to visit them. Mind you, I’ve written to my mutuelle asking if they can use their ‘clout’ to get the document - I hope they say yes!
If not, I’ll have to make the trip. Thanks for your quick response.