Polypipe / polyfit flexible water pipes

Hi All,

A friend from the UK suggested that we could install a Polypipe flexible piping solution instead of copper, for the renovation of an existing upstairs bathroom and creation of a 2nd one.

We are having trouble finding reference to the right products and connectors in France (the main site seems dedicated to Professional use...). It may be called a PER system??

Has anyone used a flexible piping system for hot and cold bathroom water supply such as this in France. Do you have any advice on suppliers and the system itself?

Is it true that brass connectors are used instead of plastic ones for junctions due the highere water pressure?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!


PER and multicouche are to the french Normes so accepted for the job in France, as Andy says PER, a doddle to use and cheap too. Multicouche is more for when pipes are on show as it has an aluminium mid layer so when bent/curved it stays in shape PER doesn't but you can get formers that hold it in shape if required.


Having sold the following for over 15 years + , polypipe , polyplumb, Hep20 and Speedfitt (all brands of plastic pipe systems)

I would say that Speedfitt barrier pipe is in my opinion the best of the bunch, can handle high pressure, easy to install and join and there are adaptors for the French system should you have smaller bore to attach to etc.

if you need any more info or want a price for supply just drop us a email / friend us,




I have used PER for some time and had no problems with it, I have seen it installed in houses where I have worked where clearly it has been there for many years with no apparent deteration. I use the 'glisseant' fittings you need a special tool to installed them but they are cheap, a lot neater and quick to install. There is another product called multicouche which I have seen around but not used personally it is similar to the UK products, not sure about the fittings they do seem to use more brass but I have seen push fit plastic they are tested to higher pressures than anything needed on a domestic system.