Polystyrene ceiling tiles

Hi everyone. Have recently been viewing houses for sale and for rent in our village, and saw one that answered all our needs but has polystyrene ceiling tiles in all the rooms. I thought these were illegal. Owner says the were there when he bought. House was built mid-Eighties. I am a bit suspicious.

To be honest i don't, i've searched t'internet and you've got to pay for the privilege to view the regs, but by all accounts they are still deemed to be a fire risk and should be removed from any house.


Thanks Martin. Any idea what the 2009 regulations were entitled? Might help me in negotiations if I could quote them!

Under the 2009 building regulations the use of polystyrene tiles is illegal in new properties.


Thanks Suzanne. I'm just surprised they are still for sale in the UK, because they were banned in Ireland after Stardust tragedy, and who in their right mind would want these things anyway, unless as you say they are hiding something.

Hi Sheila, I would be very suspicious of what they are hiding so be prepared to redo your floors/ceilings. I'd want to get rid of them as they are a fire hazard & imo they're just plain awful :)

You could get a surveyor like Ian Morris to have a look if you decide to go forward with the purchase & then if you've signed the compromis perhaps ask if you can take 1 or 2 of them off? Your compromis could include a condition suspensive which says subject to survey...

Thanks for swift reply June! They are or were illegal in my country, following a dreadful fire in 1980 in a nightclub which killed 48 and injured 218, and the ceiling tiles were a huge factor. I presume the ones now being sold are treated with some sort of retardent? My concern is I have no way of knowing (a) if they have been properly treated and (b) what they are hiding!

Polystyrene ceiling tiles are not illegal - you can buy them in Homebase in the UK still.

As far as I am aware , during a fire they melt and can cause grave injury as it sticks to the skin. They are usually used to hide awful ceilings, very rough or large cracks, they can also take a long time and be costly to remove.