Polytunnel weather

Since buying our polytunnel and living through the different seasons, their changes and climate changes (our french neighbours all say “pas normale” whenever we talk about the weather to them!) we have found that the best time to actually work in there is autumn, late winter and spring. The rest of the year it is usually to hot or too cold. There is only a small window of time each year when I don’t get my gardening fix thanks to the polytunnel.

Our cats love it in there, always lying in the pots and mixing up our seeds just to add further challenge to our work! Now, with the addition of two puppies to the family, it can be chaotic - yes, puppies chasing cats and trampling our pots and plants in their destructive wake! But today looks promising…

Proper winter weather - yesterday dull, grey, cold and snow flurries on and off but today brilliant sunshine and clear skies. Just had a look in the garden and the polytunnel is like a tropical haven in the sunshine. I’m off to do some much needed pruning and weeding in there, no sore cold hands for me today :slight_smile:

If you wish to see more pictures of our work and gardens visit www.penstemonsandherbs.com

Thanks Jacqueline - it was good whilst it lasted! I’m back indoors now with the pups, having left them loose I was too nervous leaving them for long but I got an hour in. I’m happy to say that the pups were great and no problem, no damage and no fighting. All in all it has been a good day :slight_smile:

I have polytunnel envy. Have fun pruning and weeding!