Pooing in the yard

One of our cats has taken to pooing in our courtyard instead of in the garden. Not only is this a huge hazard for stepping in but it is the most horrendous selling stuff you have ever smelt. I am concerned that he may be ill as it is a yard with stones not earth or grass. We have removed his flea collar in case this is making him sick and I am worried we have over sprayed him as like everyone else we are having horrendous problems with fleas.

Problem is he is a really wild cat and regularly brings back rats for us that he has caught in the neighbours garden from the neighbours manky rabbit cages. Any suggestions anyone please, he is not the most lovable cat, flea ridden and bitey and this is not helping?

Well, no big stinky poos that I have found - whereas before they were very evident, although the litter tray has not been used.

Veroniques response was very interesting - we have had an extremely busy summer, whole room renovated (ie bringing down ceiling and putting in new ceiling and walls) kids away, kids back with nanna, visiting family with kids staying with us, finished off with big kids birthday party on Saturday - 12 kids running round, certainly made me stressed.

We have two cats and although one is about 12 now, Tigger, who is 3 is always trying to be top cat, till Felix puts him in his place. Interestingly the older cat has been lodging with someone else for a while and has recently come home so Tigs could be cross about that as well.

Could have been the flea collar, could well have been stress, he has been sneaking up for a cuddle recently which is very rare for him. Have ordered some of the Diatomaceous Earth to see if we can eradicate the fleas for him, which makes us not want to cuddle him, them back on with the collar to keep them at bay. Will let you know, thanks for all the advice.

How was yesterday Tracey???

Could there be another cat or a dog coming in..Sometimes cats and dogs do this to deter another animal.

Good luck! Hope you get it sorted soon.

Hi Tracy, regina and Annie have given excellent advice and sounds like you are getting set up. The only thing I can add is that any change in behaviour is worth a vet visit. This may be difficult if he is quite wild but there are traps available for you to catch him. If he isn't neutered then you could make the most of the visit by getting him sorted at the same time, castration will also stop him battling with other cats and potentially catching fatal viruses.

Best of luck

OK, one old litter tray retrieved from the attic, newly re-installed at the bottom of the steps. Even found two sacs of kitty litter and two scoops - bonus.

Will let you know how we get on - don't think he is scared he is half wild and terrorises the neighbourhood, especially the rats.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I think Regina has hit on the solution, a litter tray in your yard, I suspect as she has suggested "someone " has beaten him up outside the yard!

If he is pooing into your courtyard you can probably see if his feces look healthy or if they are runny etc. which would indicate that he is not well!

You could maybe provide him with a temporary litter tray and put pots and plants on all the places he has been using before.

Good luck, it might just be a temporary issue - maybe he got chased by a neighbourhood bully and is scared to go outside your courtyard!