Pool Chemicals

I wonder if anyone can advise I have just had a bill from the people who look after our pool for 305 euros for pool chemicals for 3 months (this does not include opening up the pool but just once a week maintenance). This seems a huge amount to me ... I just want to know if this is reasonable or not before I query it with them. Thanks everyone.

I was querying how much it cost because it seem a lot to me but as I say I have used these people for some time and have always been happy with them. As everyone seems to think it is rather high I will now speak directly to them. Thanks for all your advice

Patricia, it's not just the oxygen product €70 per tub, it's the other €235 worth of chlorine. Mistakenly, I thought you were un happy with this but now you seem happy to continue. That is a small pool for €25 of chemicals weekly unless that included travel.

Yes the pool is maintained weekly throughout the season. Having said that whatever oxygen product they used seems to have done the trick regarding algae forming on steps (which is was doing a couple of days after cleaning). Thanks for all your advice and I will keep a close eye however I have used these people for 4 years and they have always been very reliable but staff changes I know. Thanks everyone I know I can rely on sensible suggestions on this forum as always.

Hi Patricia,

Unfortunately only using the pool 3 out of 12 weeks doesn't mean doing nothing for the other weeks the pool still needs upkeep. Does that bill include travelling to and from, time spent cleaning etc?

Do you have a pool cover on the pool whilst you are not there? That would save you a huge amount of housekeeping as it will keep out the dirt, suppress algae growth and reduce water loss. It needs to be a dark cover to keep the light out of the pool. Your pool could turn green within a hour of you removing the cover so some chemical maintenance would be reqired but far less.

That said you need to sack them, end of!

There must be other people you can use, That is a lot of chlorine products for a small pool which simply means they don't know what they are doing. If the pool turned into a swamp (under their care it shouldn't) but the pool could have been emptied and refilled assuming you get charged extra for removed water based on metered supplied water for about €50-60 euros so not good I am sure you agree. (20m3 pool I guess)

Véronique uses packaged products, I have said enough on those on the forum but the use of "oxygen products" in an emergency is nonsense and expensive nonsense as they are a stronger oxidiser than chlorine but far less efficient as an algaecide/bacteriacide. The oxygen being a stronger oxidiser will burn out the valuable chlorine you need so making things worse as the product used in these circumstances is usually hydrogen peroxide. Another product oxygen based is Potassium Peroxymonopersulphate, this can assist the chlorine by oxidising bather waste whilst not removing the chlorine but it does throw out the combined chlorine levels when you test the water. It is again expensive and when treating algae chlorine is fast, effective and much cheaper.

Looks expensive to me - calculate the volume of your pool as most products will give you doses per m3. My pool is 75m3 and I don't spend nearly as much on products (I stabilise the ph then use chlore choc at the beginning of the season then chlore lent, oxygen products only in an emergency ie if it has turned to pea soup as they throw the Cl readings out for some time).

It's a small private pool 3.5m x 4.75 at its widest (it tapers at one end). Used only when we are in the house (3 weeks out of the last 12). The chemicals seem to be most chlor choc, chlor galets, and oxygen treatment (whatever that is). Thanks for your help

Might be good for others to comment if you stated the size of your pool, the use( private or public) and the type of sterilisation utilised, salt generator,Galets/javel or brome,

Thank you - they have given me a breakdown but I thought it just seemed to be using a huge amount of chemicals for a 12 week period ...

I would ask for a break down here is a typical price list, cheaper products can be obtained elsewhere, no Commercial interest in this or any other post.