Pool heaters

i have an electric pool heater that isn't working. I believe I need to check the gas pressure with a manometer. I don't have one of course. Can anyone suggest where I can find one, or know someone who could do it for me?

thanks for your help


Hi Chris, I take it you had no joy with the google link I posted? If you can send me a picture and some dimensions I can see what I can do. A friend of mine repaires heat pumps in the UK.


Any refrigerant person with the correct refrigerant although they should have access to all the common ones. Mind you that may require someone to think outside the box. Like the garden centre a few years ago who wouldn't sell me margelles for a piscine as they only sold them for gardens, I kid you not!

My pompe a chaleur isn't working either for two reasons: one is that the gas needs repressurising. I've been waiting months for a specialist to come, but John Withall's reply suggests that any refigerant person will do? the second problem is that the plastic "echangeur" cylinder has split and needs replacing. Where on earth can I get a spare part? Exhaustive internet searches have so far drawn a blank. The heater is a Cristaline but I'll be surprised if the cylinder isn't a fairly standard part.

Hi John

Yes you're right. I'll do just that



John, by electric, I believe you mean a heat pump (air to water) for your pool as a normal electric heater wouldn't contain gas.

That being the case then a local refrigerant pompe de chaleur air conditioning person will be albe to do that so pages jaune is a good place to start.