Pool security sign-off?

Is the pool security protocol in France completely down to the owner to interpret the law, or can you get someone certified to come and inspect your pool to inspect and sign it off as compliant? I see a huge variation in the interpretation of the law as I understand it!

This seems to be fairly clear

That doesn’t answer my question, does it?

Down to the owner for compliance. Your pool builder (if relevant) cannot fill a pool without having one of the methods in place but overall the property owners responsibility.

It does detail the four acceptable methods of safety around a pool in France. It’s then your choice to pick the one you are most happy with / can afford / can implement

The owner is liable in the event of a drowning unless they can demonstrate a responsible approach by having adopted one of the methods shown above.

They are liable unless they can demonstrate one of the methods of complying, the fine starts with non compliance at a max of €46,000 but unlimited for a drowning with a custodial sentence likely.

I think we are in agreement?

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Yes Mat, just pointing out that the legal liability starts earlier than a drowning should the rozzers turn up.

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Let’s start again, shall we? Everyone has pointed out what everyone (should) already knows. That was NOT my question.

I would like someone in authority to inspect the pool and confirm that it is compliant. Is this possible?

You got me wondering/wandering … and I found this site… might be worth a look…

if there’s one, there might well be others… I just “googled”…

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Pay a a person and they will, however they still do not have responsibility for the pool you do.
Now what is your actual problem? Do you have a complying cover, fence or alarm, the alarm needs testing frequently so you either call your compliance person to witness the testing but its still your problem, you cannot negate your responsibilty.
So is that starting again enough for you as I do not like the tone of your post.
The pool complies if you have fitted one of the complying safety measures mentioned above, if not it doesnt. The fitter of the equipment will give you a guarantee of some sort against manufacturing faults and test that it works then its over to you. If you feel your own attempt at complying is sufficient then its totally down to you.
Have you fitted a complying device?


The site you found seems a perfect answer for the OP if he lives in Aquitaine and as you say, there must surely be similar elsewhere.

But, dare I say, :blush: would not a visit to the OP’s local Mairie and perhaps an invited inspection visit by the village police, provide all the certifications needed?

On the other hand, may open a can of unwanted worms…

You could have any of the complying methods and a guilt edge certificate on the wall but if you dont use the complying device or its not functioning on the one time something happens … That is why the owner has the responsibility. You purchase a car with all the relevant safety equipment for the EU but you dont put your seat belt on, not the manufacturers responsibility, not the dealerships responsibility.

If you purchase a cover or fence or alarm for instance and follow the fitting instructions you are covered


Gite owners who want to be registered have to have an inspection of the property which will include any safety measures in relation to a pool.
If @Vitesse wants to be “inspected” I suggest contacting the local tourist office, find out who does the gite inspections, contact them and see if they would be prepared to inspect OP’s pool, for a fee.

The gite bit is slightly different - you deal with ARS to make the pool ‘public’. They are only concerned with the health side of things. Security is part of the process, but ARS ask the owner to self certify - as Corona says, the actual security product that an owner certifies is the owners responsibility, ARS will not inspect and/or recommend. They might however comment if the security product is not approved or is woefully not adequate I guess.

My gite is not registered so I haven’t had experience of this, but what if one lists with the local tourist office or with Gite de France? Does the inspector not check that the security conforms, eg that the fence is high enough, goes all round, etc?

The tourist office have never been near my gite! Gites de France always have a look and coment on condition in general from which you get a star rating. Not sure they paid particular attention to the pool - certainly she did not measure anything, but as it is obvious that I have proper security maybe does not warrant any comment.

No but you must have a salad spinner to get top marks :roll_eyes:


No, but they do have a list of those individuals who can verify and rate a gite. In our area there are two of them, one of who does it for GdF.