Pool Security

I would welcome any advice regards pool security. I have a gite with a small pool in a small garden that is graded on the side of a hill making it extremely difficult to fence the garden. I am planning to get a rigid pool cover from Securit Pool "conformes a la norme" NF P 90-308. I would plan to keep the pool covered when not in use. I have received such a lot of conflicting advice and hope this will be the solution. Thanks, Anne

The pool cover being certified as NF P 90-308 is enough to satisfy the law. Make sure you do get the actual certificate in writing delivered with the pool cover.

But you also need to insist with your guest that they survey their kids when they use the pool (put up a clear sign next to the pool and in the gite itself)

Here's the actual text for the four types of protective measures (in French)

Check with your insurance Co.
But it is either a special alarm...FORGET THE NUMBER although I have it..

Costs about 700 EUROS.

Or specified fences...or both, of course.