Pool water disposal

We are in the process of buying a house in the Haute Vienne, in the garden of the property is an above ground pool full of horrible green water. The pool itself appears in good condition but leans at an angle as it is not set on a solid base. I would like to empty the pool and reset on a more permanent base. In order to do this I need to dispose of the water, can I drain the water into the fosse or will his cause problem or should I just drain on to the garden which at present is grass. Any suggestion or experiences would be appreciated. This could be the start of many questions as we start our new life in France. Many thanks in anticipation.

Thanks John I will take a look at the pool group.

Thanks Christian I will bear that in mind.

Christian, I read this as an above ground pool so that doesn't apply. You are however correct that a pool left empty is vulnerable even if it it above ground and I have seen the result of one blown across the landscape.

Ian, there wont be any chlorine left as it's green water, (algae), makes good furtiliser.

No not in the fosse as previously mentioned.

Pop over and visit the swimming pool group join up if you wish


I would advise to let the water as it is until you are ready to empty the pool/clean it/refill it rapidly. An empty pool could suffer damage from pressure of the underground water (especially if you get heavy rain, and that may happen in the region. I am in Indre) if this outside pressure on the pool structure is not compensated by the inside water, even if the pool is sealed.

If the water smells badly, just put some chlore in it.

No, none at all. We usually drained it in April/May taking care to avoid flowerbeds and the veggie patch, then cleaned the liner and refilled it with clean tap water for the season. We found that much cheaper/better for the environment than using loads of chemicals, and a few French friends in the village did the same thing with their above ground pools. Our pool was an oval Gré Dreampool 6 x4 so not so large..

Take care though if your garden is clay...it may not disappear.

Many thanks Stan, thought that may be the case but just wanted to ask. In the area you disposed the pool water did you notice any adverse affect to foliage or discolouration?

We drained ours each winter by putting a long drainage pipe down the garden to a part least affected by any chlorine/algae. Don't fill up your septic tank with it.