Poop Scoop & Send it Off, it may save you a lot of trouble in the futur

A couple of colleagues have recently had operations to remove polypes after having this sort of test. Doctor told me I should do the test as during a routine check-up I mentioned having very dark stools at times. Test came back with the all clear. Glad to say drinking Black IPA & eating lots of Spinach was probably the cause.
These test are really simple & free.


Sorry here’s the link.

If you’re over 50 and living in France you should get a letter with the test inside. It’s easy to do and free and will give you peace of mind so no reason not to do it

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Yes, there is a national “dépistage de cancer colorectal” here in France… for everyone over 50 …

Anyone over 50, who is NOT already in this bi-annual scheme… should talk with their doctor and get the ball rolling…

It’s easy to take the test… and wonderfully reassuring when the “all-clear” comes through the post…

and if, by a stroke of bad-luck… someone is advised to go for a follow-up, be not afraid… France has excellent healthcare… :relaxed:

The most important thing is NOT to ignore things…


I received my first test kit through the post at 60, and the 2nd this year. Have completed both.

The test kits do seem a bit “challenging” at first reading, and i guess people thing if it does happen to them, it will be dealt with, up to then hasta la vista.
Obviously pooping in a receptacle ( trying to catch it) and putting a stick in the doings to smear on bits of paper, is not very bearable to majority of jo public, who knows.

I have never heard of anyone talking about them before, and i think its one of those funny moments of life… like " bet you can’t guess what they’re asking me to do with this".
People are either reticent in admitting they do it, or just don’t talk about it as they ignored it in the first place; and I think the latter.

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The easiest way of doing it is not try to juggle with the receptacle & catch it, the best way I found is news paper on the floor & scoop it.

You haven’t lived until you have been stood at 7:30 in the morning trying to pour a type seven into an extremely small pot.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I catch it in a tissue lined plastic tupperware type thing. And also prior to doing so, have a diet with no beer or Indian foods :wink: … expect this is the reason as to why as many as 50% will not do it.
Stupid, because it could make such a difference to the amount of treatment required if they found it early. Just because people will not accept the fact that it’s one of those yucky things to do, and get on with it.

There is a (or was) a coated paper cover provided that worked just fine for me. The last time I had one it had been improved from the time before when it had to be done over a few days. After all not every one of us goes to poo each day :blush::blush: