Poor Paws Dog Stolen from Sue


(Gina Hams) #1

Hi All

Here is a circular received by email today.

Please keep your eyes open.

(Catharine Higginson) #2

Oh Gina, I am so sorry to hear that. Thinking of you xx

(Gina Hams) #3

(Catharine Higginson) #4

How awful! Poor Sue, I do hope she gets her back x

(Gina Hams) #5

Sue Glibbery of Poor Paws Dog Rescue has had her own dog stolen from her garden near Montcuq. She is taking this very badly as you might imagine and we are asking for everybody’s help to reunite them.
A picture of the dog is attached. She is chipped (chip number 250 269 801 477 793). She is 5 months old and a very small fawn/sandy coloured cross breed. She answers to the name of Eeny(as in eeny weeny) and is unlikely to grow much more.
She was stolen by a French family who visited Poor Paws looking for a small dog to adopt. They were immediately drawn to Eeny. They were told she was not availble for adoption as she was the owner’s dog. As they left they snatched Eeny from the garden. The family comprised Mother and Father, a boy of about 14, a girl of about 8 and a toddler and they are believed to live somewhere in our area.
The police have been informed as have many of the vets. The central register for chipping is also aware of the theft.
Please look in gardens and at families with their dogs and if you have any suspicions at all let us know. We will investigate every lead.
If you need posters for your local school or vet etc. please just ask. . Please pass this email onto your friends.


Sue Glibbery 05 65 24 53 03
Gaynor Pugh 05 65 53 63 21


Sue Glibbery est le proprietaire d’un refuge pour chiens abandonnés à St Pantaleon, Lot. Récement sa propre chienne a été subtilisée à son domicile près de Montcuq.> La chienne a 5 mois,de petite taille,couleur fauve (s’il vous plaît regardez le photo ci-joint). Elle est pucée (numero 250 269 801 477 793. Les gendarmes sont au courant de ce vol.

Cette mignonne chienne a été subtilisée par une famille française avec un fils de plus ou moins 14 ans, une fille de plus ou moins 8 ans et un bambin.
Si vous avez vu la chienne ou vous connaissez cette famille, nous attendons vos renseignements. Sil vous plaît, transferez ce courrier à vos amis.
TEL. 05 65 24 53 03