Port Leucate

I am in the process os selling my property in Wales and looking to buy a small ground floor studio in naturist area to retire too any information would be appreciated

Yes I know Cap D’agde, we bought our house N of Beziers after selling the apartment and went there once or twice on trips out.

I was aware of its name from my last job in Uk. The bar staff in the community centre used to go there every May or June I think for same reasons you are looking. They hired a chalet that went straight out on to beach. It was only when I said we were going to buy the house that they admitted to the reason why they went there.

Cap d’agde is a bit larger overall than PL, which has all the essential facilities you’ll need on a daily basis. It’s quieter probably than the Cap, but I think you’ll like it! As said I’m certain the beach you want is between PL and Bacares, so you’re spoilt for choice and prices! They were going up rapidly when we left there. We got 1.5 times what we paid for appt. it was a 1 bed with fully extended mezzanine, so effectively a 4 person appt with terrace and a small balcony. We sold for just over €70k, 8 yrs ago now.

Thanks so much for your reply and it was a great help. I lived in Cap d'agde and loved it but the yype of property we are after is three times the price there. It sounds like Leucate area is very similar and exactly what we are after

OH and I had Apartment at Port Leucate for 5 years from 2002-7. Not far from Bacarres. Leucate is smaller in that things are more centralised around the marina area. Also has some good apartments overlooking the marina itself. Less ground floor ones to choose from though. Basically it’s shops on ground, apartments built on a few storeys above. If you want ground floor and some privacy with little courtyards, there Re some chalet type single storey ones walking distance of the marina/shop area. Look at www. Leucate Immobilier, they Are based in the port we bought and sold through them.

Apartments will all bought on co-Proprietaire basis, so annual service charges come into play.

It’s a lovely place, we enjoyed going there, good restaurants, small supermarkets,and a small covered market for your bakery, meat, veg and fish, as well as a couple of tourist shops. There is also a Doctors surgery and pharmacy. Basically all you need, 20 mins from Perpigan airport

Once you got to know your way around. And a huge Carrefour hypermarket on road in from airport. Puts the likes of Tesco to shame! You could almost furnish your whole place from it! Most apartments were sold furnished, not worth taking away with you on sale, unless you are French and selling up for good so want it. When we were there it was mostly French, as they were holiday apartments. The Mairie at the time was encouraging more restaurants and shops to remain open longer and for winter. We almost always went over for Xmas. Great views of the Pyrenees and of course on the mainland side of etang many vineyards!

Port Leucate not as big as Bacarres, and the nudist beach from memory is at Bacarres end of Leucate, so in the middle really! Leucate Village itself farther away and different proposition. PL & B they both on the long narrow strip between the med and etang (like an isthmus, exc it’s not!). I’m sure Judith will agree it’s all a great area to have a base.

i would be interested in receiving detailsof your studio e mail michaelparkin2000@yahoo.co.uk

Maybe this will help ?


My studio apartment at Le Barcares, overlooking the etang, is for sale - but it is a few kilometres from the naturist area of Leucate .... can let you have the details if you are interested.