Portable device/smartphone charging from Anker - Astro E7

These days your smartphone, tablets and other power hungry portable devices often don't last the day without a recharge, especially if you use cameras, maps and location services which require lots of power. There's a solution, external portable battery chargers. Essentially a much larger battery than the one in your device which can be used to recharge on the go.

I’ve just bought this one and I’m pleased with it, it will apparently recharge my phone six times over before needing a recharge itself. It will hold a charge for weeks if not months according to the blurb and it has three USB sockets to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
It’s well built and has a quality feel to it. I feel confident that I can spend the day out of the house and keep my phone or anyone else’s topped up whenever I need to.

I was quite interested in this until I saw all the lousy Amazon reviews.

I’m still very pleased with mine!