Portage salarial + university researcher position : how to best combine?


I’m in the following situation. I’m an Indian citizen, who has been living in France continuously since December 01, 2016 and currently hold a passeport talent salarié entreprise innovante permit. However, since I’ve registered my freelance service (auto-entrepreneur (AE)) with URSSAF as a teacher/academic consultant, declared my income, and currently I’m not an employee with any organization, I’d like to change, for the moment, my permit to Profession Libérale from December 2021, when my current permit expires.

Now, because of my professional goal to be a university researcher (e.g. a MCF/CR/postdoc etc), I’d like to apply for such a position at a French university and hope to get it. Hoping I get it, this’d not allow me to keep my professional libérale permit, as I’m being an employee of an organization and profession libérale permit is for freelancers . So I need to be on a permit that’d allow my dual activity of a researcher at a university as well as consulting/teaching on the side.

My questions are:

i) What’s the best way I can be simultaneously a university researcher, and also a consultant/teacher on the side, the university being my main employer? I understood so far that portage salarial is a possibility, but then my question is:

ii) Can you work (not study, not PhD/Masters, but work as a researcher, full/part time, temporary or permanent) for a university as a researcher when on the portage salarial? If yes, I’d like to know how exactly.

If you don’t know the answer, but know a lawyer who has worked with people in my situation or at least worked with university researchers/academics, I’d greatly appreciate your recommendation(s).

Thank you in advance!

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