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Superb Steve, mesmerising image.

Definitely caught the moment Stuart, the hardest part of portrait photography. Well done :slight_smile:

Hi Fiona, that’s exactly the comment I made when I posted it in reply to James’ photo “My Beautiful Wife”. She has lovely eyes and it’s a shame she has to wear glasses.

No special lighting, no photoshop, just Nathalie!

Erm whats that James for the uninitiated? Remember the darkroom is for prats like me aswell :wink:

This is great Steve, what was the lighting setup for the high key effect here?


Amazingly good, I’m just drawn to them instantly, but then I know nothing. Did she need a lot of photoshop?

My God, the eyes.

That is sooo phallic…

I like him in full colour

Fantastic Fiona. What a beautiful boy you have. If it’s ok to say beautiful for a boy?


Looks like it should be getting towards dusk,brilliant.

2 bare Elinchrom 500’s on full power, it was the middle of a bright sunny day.

I used to be terrible for that - James makes me buy the liquid stuff now…

Perfect, really nice and bright, and a cheeky expression!