Possible edf scam

I just received an email apparently from EDF saying that my last facture was taken out twice and that I must click on a link in order to get my reimbursement of the overpayment. I am suspicious because I do not pay by direct debit and therefore I am not convinced that this is genuine. I mention this in the hope that you can circulate what "may" be a new scam. I am not sure. regards Geoff

I also received this email. Strangely I don't even live in France! I live in Switzerland.

Some do, we AEs are contacted by email each quarter if we choose to pay that way. However, unless a mandate for electronic payment has been exchanged it is a scam. Move it to your spam box and if EDF ever really want to set up an online account for you, you can keep control over that anyway.

Please send all your money to me c/o Banque des Profites de Salut Abidjan. Of course it's a phishing exercise along with the 10% reward I'll get from helping Madame Bonnefois recover the 10M euros from the account of her deceased father in the Central African Republic. No bank or utility asks for money by email. It's always a phishing exercise. Unless of course it's a request from some Baptist church in Arkansas in which case you send it all to God at an appropriate PO Box.

Any French institution is unlikely to contact you by email. By conventional post only. If there is ever a mistake in their favour, you will have to fight tooth and nail to get your money back and they will not discover it before you do.

Sorry, link didn't post. Here's the link to an earlier discussion on this exact problem. http://www.survivefrance.com/forum/topics/edf-problem-any-remedies

As far as I know, this is a SCAM. Don't click on anything!