Possible help with cost of waste water treatment system

Quick note.

I have been advised up here in mayenne that there is a new type of government assistance which involves 50% rebate on system cost.

I am checking it now. It may affect all of france but i will know more once i have had meeting with the mayor here.

Dont get excited just yet. If there are documents, i will scan and out here.


Bio verte

the "subventions" seem to vary from area to area. Down here in the south west, it's ardour garonne who allocate them and who change the criteria each year - we would have qualified but they changed the conditions after we'd bought our current place, same bloke from the spanc, same property but a few months later and "sorry you no longer qualify". Your local spanc will/should be able to advise and help you with the dossier if "subventions" are available ;-)