Possible income stream

Me again! I have got a huge back catalogue of previously published features. In the main, they are France related but I've got homes and gardens y type stuff, plus 4 WD's and general renovation / home improvements.

Is there anyone out there who'd be interested in translating and re-selling them to foreign markets? All come with professionally shot images and I'm happy to do a 50 / 50 split on any re-sales. I do this with a french journo and I find it works well - reasonable money for not a huge amount of work.

Hi Martine

I'm so sorry I haven't replied sooner. I've suddenly been inundated and the next couple of weeks are insane.

I know I won't have time to do anything about this before 22nd dec so I have written myself a note in my diary to get some stuff over to you after that point. Is there anything particular that you are after?



Hi Catharine,

Is offer still available? Might be interested. Could you send me more info, examples?