Possible problems for selling property from 2025

Incidentally, we had ceiling fans in 3 rooms back in UK… and never managed to kill or maim anyone… nor did we send hats flying… :wink: :+1: :rofl:

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You weren’t doing it right :joy:


I’m better at cake-making :rofl:

Could it be risky with multi tiered wedding cake? :wink:

For the princely sum of around €2 per radiator, I thought it was worth a try and my carefully calibrated hand does suggest that the stone walls behind the radiators are cooler to the touch now.

Heavy winter curtains hung in front of any draughty door or window are a much cheaper alternative to replacing sub-par double glazing if money’s tight.

And, the splatter effect of wax from the candelabras :exploding_head:

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Now then folks… lit candles and draughts of any sort simply do not mix well.

I know we’re chuckling, but seriously… take care.

I light loads of candles at Christmas time… turning the main room into Santa’s Grotto for friends and family…
and the ceiling fan is carefully switched Off (using the safety switch high on the wall, where most folk can’t see it, let alone reach it).

For snuffing the candles, I use an old spoon kept for the purpose (I lost the oldstyle snuffer in “the move”).
Helpful folk sometimes offer to blow-out the candles and if I’m not quick enough we’ll have blobs of wax here there and everywhere… aaargh…

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The indoor theatre where I worked previously is lit by candles, if there were drafts then hot wax was dropped on the audience, ( we didnt charge extra for those seats) found the reason and the cure which was completely missed by the theatre building designers.

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Sorry, couldn’t be bothered to read all the replies but reading this just smacks of dishonest sales tactics. The whole idea of not being able to sell your house because it doesn’t meet modern energy standards is entirely implausible. Ignore the sales patter and make a decision based on what is affordable and will benefit you. The salesman is lying to make a sale


Can you please provide some contact details for the company your son used?