Possible retirement to Brittany

My partner and I would like to move away from busy south east England to somwhere quiet now we are retired. Brittany seems a good possibility - reasonable property prices so we can release equity, choice of quiet locations but near facilities, GP etc.

We think we are quite clued up on some of the pros and cons such as brushing up our French, the acres of beaurocracy, getting stuck somewhere we don't like, xenophobia, the delights of a fosse septique etc.

Any advice about the areas to look at would be most welcome. We are visiting in a few weeks. Plan B is to move to the Welsh borders - but there again similar cons spring to mind (xenophobia, fosse septique!! only joking!)


Our weather in Lot et Garonne was the same as yours this year John. I also live in rural France and have the same appreciations as you. I have experienced snow only once in the 8 years I have been here, but I have to say it was -17c for a week! Good excuse thou’ to stay at home around the fire.

Hi Tim, I have just replied to you on FB Motorhomes. I live in SW France, I find it a better climate for me than the Middle or Poitou-Charentes, my arthritis is less painful in winter. In general we get less rain and milder winters, but, it depends what your reasons for moving are. If you can consider Wales rain won’t be a problem for you!

Monts d'Aree Finistere very near our house!![](upload://6HNBCoPul7aX6IJCyE41z7CPVDk.jpg)

Disappointed with my visits to Reims John. The area is nice but the town itself is a bit of a let down in my humble opinion.

I much prefer to be in the company of a mixture of all age groups rather than just over 60s or older. The thought of 'dwindling' away in an oldies colony frightens me.

Take somewhere like Poitiers. A lively university town which doesn't close down in the winter when the holiday homers have evacuated the place.

Having to live somewhere like Ile d'Oléron in winter would depress me.

Good job we're all different isn't it ?

Great choice

You just beat me to it John, hi Vic, hope you et al are well and enjoying life!

Point taken.

Reims, where I am at present, is a university city so quite dynamic, touristic and only 33 minutes away from Paris Charles de Gaulle Aiport by a direct TGV.

When I first moved to France I went from London to a village where I was inhabitant number 50. I thought I would explode at the weekend. It was too calm. maybe that's what you mean?

Lovely places indeed but I don't want to end my days surrounded by old people in old peoples ghettos.

La Finistère and Le Morbihan?

You surprise me. They're really nice.

So are l'Hérault (Montpellier), La Vendée , Les Côtes d’Armor (Bretagne) and La Charente-Maritime (La Rochelle, Royan)

Unable to retire early i spent 30 years touring France meeting many people both Brits and French finally settling on the Aude but ended up in the Tarn just over the border in the Montagn noire forests, lakes, friendly locals summer can start early and finish very late, this year from middle of May to August temperatures rising from 23 to 42 degrees no rain for approximately 10 weeks sitting in the garden no noise other than my chickens the occasional bleat of the goats but no traffic no wailing sirens, no noise full stop other than the natural sounds , traffic jams equate to 6 cars in the town at lunch time and yes we get snow in the winter, temperatures can get pretty low

Definitely 10 places to avoid John, thanks for the tip..

Best of both worlds almost Dan, our 1st holiday with 2 boys was trailer tenting in that area of Morbihan, yes beautiful but was hankering for the long distant mountain views similiar to Scotland for retirement, and moved to Herault, not too far from Lodeve/Beziers, but yes just had some wet and windy days up here in Sarthe. Power cuts have been almost non existent, elec cables and sewage all underground d now. Also because it and the north and east of the Mayenne (53) are rural agriculture departments, there are loads of flies in summer! It’s the 'vache’you know, lol, so plenty of milk and not great selection of wines here where I have to shop, but the villagers wherever I’ve lived in France have been nice and friendly to me. No expat communities in them, but always nearby somewhere, which is good.

The top ten Départements (Top 10 des départements où s’installent les français pour leur retraite)


And warmer anywhere South of me here in Sarthe Dept 72’ although the Loire Velley is said to be beautiful And yes property purchase and rental prices seem to get higher the farther south you venture in Frnce - it so huge compared to UK, you really are spoilt for choice.



We have not yet made that leap, but have jumped onto the property waggon - in west Brittany. We holiday let during the summer, but if you fancied a longer-term let through the winter months while you explore and experience the locale, we might be able to help. www.kervigen.com

Enjoyed Quimper as usual (despite the rain) and i'd forgotten how nice Morlaix is.

Overdosed on galletes & crèpes i'm afraid so it's back to the standard fare..

Why is there always a price to pay ??

Hi Vic !

Le ciel est bleu a Scrignac! On Tuesday I visited four chateaux and it was fine all day. Anyway gardens and crops need water, forest fires are fewer and no need for a/c