Possible to hold both salarié and micro entrepreneur status?

Hi Everyone!

I currently live in Paris and have the salarié status, and will work soon with a CDI contract but I also have an oppotunity with a small business. But they need me to have a freelance status in order to work with them. Ideally I would like to combine them both as the latter is flexible and aligns more with what I’m interested in.

I’m not sure how to go about it :neutral_face:

All help is appreciated!

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Hi Rebecca.
I am no expert but I am a micro entrepreneur preparing to seek salarie work as my business has been hit hard by the crisis. As far as I know, you are allowed to do both, and as a micro-entrepreneur I am allowed to be registered as a jobseeker at the same time. You could try contacting Urssaf and asking them what the procedures and rules are. I think the main pitfalls are taxes and contributions, but that is as much as I know.



Yes - link above is where you form the AE/ME and where you do the ongoing returns.

But yes you can do AE alongside normal employment


Hi Rebecca,
Yes this is possible. The site below explains clearly how, there are certain exceptions, but they do have a great FAQ section which will help you understand.


Thank you for your reply! From my understanding, it is possible to access your unemployment benefits if you don’t generate enough from your business?

Ah, not so sure about that, to actually claim benefits rather than just be a jobseeker, as far as I know I have to close the business, which I probably will, even just for a while.