Post box help

Hey folks I’m I’m France now for a couple of weeks and I’m just putting up my post box on the front drive next to the road but please can someone tell me what I should write to tell the post man/woman to please not put junk mail in it please only proper mail. My estate agent did write it down for me ages ago but I can’t find it now all help gratefully revived

Pas de pub will work just fine.


Now we have arrived full time we have removed the Pas de Publicite from our postbox and every Monday get a pack of leaflets of the shop offers for the week.

It gives us something to discuss over coffee on Monday morning!


Mandy has given you the answer but if you go in the Brico stores they often have stick on labels that you can buy.
Hope that the sun shines for your visit and that you take some cheese and wine time …:wine_glass::wine_glass::cheese::cheese::sun_with_face::sunglasses:

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I used to love receiving the pub for all the local supermarkets with the weekly bargains. Me and Hubby used to pour over them on a Monday morning to plan my weekly shopping trip. I used to go to at least 3 supermarkets to get all the bargains. I miss that now I’m back in the UK.


I like getting the pub, especially for Lidl as they do have some great offers sometimes. By the way has anyone else seen all the ‘guff’ about a Robochef or whatever it was called that Lidl had on sale a coupple of weeks ago? Apparently it’s one of those super dooper things (highly priced) that does loads. Well there is a chip inside that can be used for ‘spying’ Lidl at first denied this but have now agreed that the chip used in the manufacure can be pirated! Wierd and wondezrful stuff ! :dizzy_face:

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Yes there was something in the Connexion about that. Big Brother is watching!

Many thanks all I will definitely enjoy getting all the Publicite when I’m here permanently but as I’m only getting over here every few months at the moment I don’t want the box to fill up too fast! Thanks all you’ve been as ever very helpful.

Our postwo/men give us the PDP stickers.

I didn’t realise that they had them, thanks for the info because my Belgium friend needs one for the box on her second home …

Download and print them here :slight_smile:


You can also get the post office to hang on to your post while you are away if you don’t yet know someone locally who will check it from time to time. They also do redirect services.

Ooh thanks Jane that’s handy to know for sure

Brian Hi - word of caution about the Garde du Courrier service - pretty obvious really but never a good idea to let people know when you’ll be away - no matter who they are. The redirection service is great!


@Brian_Wheeler. We used it to begin with to stop having an overflowing box show we were away - after all shutters could just be closed that day. It worked, but it can be a bit hit and miss about start and stop days. Now being resident we are here much more and can ask a friend to keep an eye on it and then use the money to buy them a nice present.

Of course, I can appreciate that it can be terribly complicated when one is a multiple home owner… pied à terre in Paris, house in the UK home counties, country pile in the French countryside. Must be horrendous trying to manage La Poste!!!:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Although…I can imagine rose tinted glasses help with just a smattering of Noilly Prat… :grin:

Saves money too.

Watch out they’ll be nicking your recipes.

No chance Jane, I don’t have that sort of money to splash around on a kitchen gadget !

@anon89172871. A post box is a kitchen gadget? I’m confused😐