Post Brexit EHIC now available for people with s1s

Maybe, just maybe, one day we will be going on holiday outside France again and visiting other European countries!

Anyway those of us with s1’s (and a couple of other categories) can now apply for a new post Brexit EHIC which gives basic health cover across Europe. Link below - all it needs is name, address and date of birth.

You do NOT need this for travel back to UK as you are covered by virtue of your S1.

And all those without an S1 you continue the normal route with a CEAM card ordered via your Ameli account.

Roll on foreign travel!!


Thanks, that’s a very clear answer , Good idea to get the uk one as you say one day we might be able to go holidaying again.
Re the health care in the uk, is it necessary to have the S1 with you or is it OK just know your NHS number.

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I’ve never been asked the question - despite big signs up saying to check patients are eligible for free healthcare. But I do have a distinct London accent, so it’s pretty obvious I am English.

Ideally would be to pop a copy of the S1 in with your papers, but failing that I think NHS number (although mine was changed a few years back) or NI number would probably do it.

Or indeed even your brand new post Brexit EHIC as it shows UK is responsible for your health care!

On the S1 form I’m sure it says you need a copy of the form with you yo access the NHS.

Just done the application - thanks Jane!
What puzzled me though was that they didn’t ask for any ID apart from name and date of birth. The address was “as at 1 Jan 2020” so could well not be the one on file. My name is not that common but I wonder how many people may have the same name and date of birth :thinking:

I know that there’s at least one other with my name & age as our NHS files got muddled up once. But chances of her living in Europe too are slim…

I suppose that does make sense - there aren’t that many of us…

We are constantly being reminded to advise “so and so” if any personal details change… like address/marital status… etc…

so, I reckon if someone offers an address which doesn’t tie-up with their files… there might be a question asked. :thinking:… and rightly so…

Hmmm… that’s a thought, Stella. Whenever I’ve read those things from DWP they seem to be talking about stuff like marriage or death or such-like. I hadn’t noticed address changes. Perhaps I’d better have a look :smiley: (My address change is merely the addition of a number to the house as the town has finally decided that house numbers are a good idea…)

I suspect that a house number won’t make that much difference… but for folk who are suddenly in a different town/region to the address with DWP… that might raise concerns.

I have just applied and got an email back to say my S1 is not registered which is strange as have an S1 and am registered with CPAM!

Has there been a change of address or name since the S1 was issued? Probably best to give them a call.

@Sandra_Eales We’ve just had exactly the same email and I’ve just been in touch with Newcastle helpline. Although Newcastle issues the S1 it has to be REGISTERED by your local CPAM, who get in touch with Newcastle to confirm. Until that’s done, your S1 is “invisible” to Newcastle. Crazy I know, since they issue it in the first place.

You need to get in touch with your local CPAM - have you given / sent them your S1? If not, they need it. If they already have it, you need to chivvy them to let Newcastle know they’ve got it.

Through all of this, it is very easy to begin to lose the will to live! :rofl:

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Hi Sue,

I got the same response from Newcastle.

I gave CPAM the S1 in 2018 when we moved to France and applied for our CV’s. My husband has had no problem! Have just sent an email to CPAM so will wait and see.

@Sandra_Eales Good luck!

Thanks for that. It was a very quick and easy process. As long as the promised EHIC arrives!!

When I asked for my S1 I was told that the French would issue an EHIC-E card for travel in other European countries.
I haven’t made the journey to the CPAM Office to register the S1 as our existing EHIC and travel insurance should cover us as we only arrived in October. I will make the journey after lock-down and before NYE.
Regarding health care in the UK, I was told that NHS treatment is residence based, not citizensip based so ex-pat residents wouldn’t be covered although holders of an S1 would be. All very confusing but probably worth carrying a copy of the S1 just in case - the new US owners may not be so generous about charging after New Year!
If a French resident ex-pat is insured within the French system wouldn’t that mean the French system issues the EHIC?

You were told wrong. Once your S1 is registered here you then ask the DWP for an EHIC as they are your competent authority. And as you can see from this post they have already sorted out a post Brexit version for those of us now in Europe. And yes your S1 allows you to retain free NHS care when you visit the UK.

Personally I would sort out registering your S1 now. If you are now resident in France neither your current EHIC or travel insurance will be valid as they were taken out on the basis of you being a UK resident. One hopes neither will actually be needed, but if they are you could end up with a nasty surprise.

Most CPAMs no longer have a walk-in service where you can turn up and be seen. Real F2F appointments are also rare. A lot is now done by telephone, online and by post. I would phone them up next week and ask how to go about registering your S1.

(Edit: add scan and take copies of your S1 before you do anything else! )

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The new US owners? Have I missed something? Owners of what ?

That comment was a bit tongue in cheek but do you not feel that the NHS has been set up as an “Oven Ready” deal for the US Health Corporations to “get access to” under any trade deal with the USA? It appears that the European Reform Group who run the UK government are desperate for a Trade Deal to save face.