Postage times from UK to France

If it even does.
We have problems with packages from Germany. they take an inordinate amount of time and we asked our daughter if she had been a bit mean with the postage, but she said not.

Jane - I rarely order anything from Germany, but I did order a computer lead on 7/1/21. It arrived today. So much is down to the luck of the draw, I think.
I have - at last - received a small package from Swindon which was posted before B-day.

“… the stuff that results in submitting the S1”

That’s what I’m not clear about. I read of a temporary s/s number arriving within a week or two - that hasn’t happened - followed by the real thing and/or a CV …

Having made my submission of S1 and supporting docs I have no idea what to expect and when.

It is by recorded delivery so it will arrive at a destination, be it the intended one in UK or returned to sender back in France.