Postage times from UK to France

Has anyone else noticed a significant delay in receiving postage from UK? I am not particularly asking about very recent postings (after brexit) ; I am still awaiting 2 small jiffy-bags posted 1st and 2nd week of December from Swindon.

It has been bad for the last couple of months…some of it due to staff sickness in post services.

There is another thread outlining the issues faced in some places in the UK where the PO is refusing to accept postal items for France…
Thankfully, that seems not to apply in your case @lebeuil1 just the delays.

I’m still waiting for things posted before Christmas but I’m not sure of the exact day. A small package posted on the 29th December certainly hasn’t arrived yet. It’s erratic too - some things posted later have arrived. I’m assuming some bits may be stuck in lorries but I am also wondering if some are caught up in customs checks?

If someone in the UK is printing off a postage label online you might be surprised to find your packages/letters have gone via Thailand. :astonished:
We had a Christmas card from the UK that arrived this week with “mis-sent to Thailand” on it. The reason? The address label (as designed by the PO) says France Mainland.
Mainland > Thailand - easy mistake!

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I recall reading some time ago that adding a par avion label to letters/parcels has a curious delaying effect… surface mail often quicker (although how much that applies now is open to debate of course).

Sorry to copy n paste the following from another postal thread but it’s a good story and relevant.

Good job it didn’t go via Trinidad, W.I. I used to correspond with a g/f who lived in Port of Spain, Trinidad. 7 years’ worth of mail was once found in a ravine in the hills, all dumped by one postie.

But I worked out how to send her cash. I sent it in an audio cassette case. I had a good win on a horse called ‘Mujahideen’ shortly after a 9 month spell working with them in Peshawar, Pakistan. I sent her £50 and she got it! I was amazed. So was she!

Postage times seem completely unpredictable and that was before Rupture day. I get a couple mags on subscription, some months they arrive within a week of despatch then the following month it can be three. Sent a couple of Xmas cards to UK and they both arrived within four days.

Just received my regular weekly paper from the UK sent on 17th December. Last week I received the one sent on 31st. I’m not exactly holding my breath about the one sent on the 7th :smiley:

Before the great liberation day, it generally arrived on Saturday, 2 days after despatch, but was occasionally delayed until the Monday.

?..thats Brexiteer terminology so I’m sure it was tongue in cheek … we call it Rupture day!

I couldn’t find a suitable smilie-thing for sarcasm… :smiley:

Just as well the minister for trade is called Truss, isn’t it :grin:


Could this be a reason?

My package of forwarded mail from Stroud arrived this morning. Posted on 29th December and hadn’t been opened (which means I got my 2 packets of illicit seeds…)

Today we received a letter (official) we redirected a few days ago! Showed the address to postie and she inked over a number at the bottom of the envelope. Now what made me think mail is sorted by address :thinking:

Christmas cards to UK (with correct postage!) posted 10 th December 2020 arrived today! Motr concerned I received a “satisfaction” enquiry from La Poste about a recent delivery, Told them our facteur is brilliant!

I spoke to the S1 dept in Newcastle a week ago today - 06/01. I was offered another S1 [I was calling to check on progress, if any, at CPAM]. It was sent that day and arrived today, 13/01.

Take a bow, Newcastle.

Now. What’s happening to the original? Where’s the stuff that results in submitting the S1 and the rest to CPAM? That was all handed over at an RV.

What stuff? If you handed it over to a person at CPAM it will be in your dossier waiting to be united with an S1 I imagine.

Book I ordered in early December arrived today from UK, and yesterday a pack of seeds that was posted in mid December…

I ordered a book from UK a week ago and it arrived in five days.
Marked International Priority Post.
I was really worried as I thought it might have been the last I had seen of my money.

How about France to UK.
Last Friday 8th January I delivered a letter to our local la poste sending it Avis de reception so able to track its progress.
Have checked each day and at last when checking this morning am informed that the letter has just left France.
I have sent many letters this way in the past which have normally taken 3 days so currently twice as long.
Is it covid or Brexit or both?
Should say that it was customs exempt as documents ie not present or goods.
I wonder how much longer before it arrives at its destination?