Pot Box

The pot box saves you digging trenches for your potatoes. made from the ever popular pallet wood, it measures 3 x 3 feet and 4 feet high. Pop your tubers in the base and as they grow earth up and add planks until they reach the top. Mine are about 12 inches high.

That's right Helen. I've photographed the complete box with all the planks in position. When the tubers sprout and the first leaves appear remove the planks and earth up. As they grow put in more earth/compost and screw in a plank and so on till the top is reached. When the foliage dies off root out the tubers from the top down or remove the bottom planks and get some out from there. I'm setting up a second box for later variety. The only problem is being able to buy a few tubers and not a bag!

I'm being a bit thick - I plant spuds in the base to a couple of plank thicknesses of soil/compost depth. They grow and when the plants show 12 inches above the soil I add another plank and more compost. The tubers of a main crop gradually set through the whole depth of the box. Hmm - might be tempted to sell my unused rotovator (Our garden is a horrible calcareous sand which sets like cement as soon as the sun comes out).

I am a bit late with everything this year, hence next year .

Visits to the UK and the weather, well thats my excuse.

Still time to plant this year trevor, for a maincrop or late variety. Box took me a couple of hours to make including breaking up the pallet.

Will give it a try next year.


Great idea Neil!