Potential 6 month visit to family in France

Wondered if anyone can help

I currently live in the uk. I have family in France who have French residency. What sort of visa would I need and can anyone talk through the process I would need to apply for jobs

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What’s your nationality?


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Getting a long stay visa isn’t too problematic but wanting to work whilst here is going to be where it becomes very tricky.

You say you have family in France. Are they your immediate family, i.e. your parents? That may help you slightly, if so.

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Good question!

Applying for a long-stay visa for France - Welcome to France.

Hoping to do the same maybe next year.

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Until you confirm your nationality it is impossible to give a difinative answer.

However, if you are not an EU citizen, then any potential employer will have to advertise your potential job to EU citizens, and if there is no response, then the employer must apply for a work permit for you. Once the employer has a work permit you can apply for a visa that enables you to work in France. You cannot just come to France and look for work.

If you do not need to work, must have sufficient funds so as not to become a burden on the French state, then you can apply for a visitor visa, in which you promise not to work whatsoever.


I am British nationality( English) and my dad and stepmum live in France

Then my post just above yours applies to you.

You will have to decide if you want to come to France as a visitor, or whether you want to work. Once you have decided we can give you more information.

As you have family in France perhaps an avenue to explore is getting a visa to join your family? Although i think this might only apply to those joining French nationals?

The information and indeed how to complete the application are in the link I posted earlier. That has been my point of reference site.


Thought that might be so. Was just wondering if the poster had French family. Oops @crabtree24 seems you have deleted your post after i posted this😊

Deleted by mistake. It said that he cannot do what you suggest except in very excptional circumstances (e.g. medical emergency).

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You can get a long duration visitor’s visa but will need proof of resources and health cover. Unless you have fluent French and either possess hard to get hold of skills or have a credible business plan for self employment it is unlikely you will be able to get a visa which allows you to work.

As well as the site that @corona linked - see https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en/

Only applicable to minors, dependent adults and spouses. Regroupment familiale visa are quite limited.

Thank you to everyone who gave some great advice, it was taken on board however I’m exploring some other options but know where to look for next time in the future.

Bonsoiree everyone


As a nice thank you to those that answered including me, maybe you could share other options as I am looking to do the same next year so any help or advice you gain would be welcome.

@corona - have you looked at the “do I need a visa” tool on https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en

Once you’ve filed in the basics you can fill in the reason for your visit - it will then list all the documents that you need.

Eg if I wanted to start a business it tells me I need:

Guess I won’t be doing that, then :slight_smile:

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Your experiences might well be able to help others… so please can you tell us what are these “other options” you are exploring ??? Pretty-please… :wink:


Yes I looked over the documents the other week hence knowing and having the link on my favorites. It was just an idea that the OP may have some more info as these things are not usually that easy, especially in France.

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Hmmm bit of a thread drift but I’ve known people who came here on vls-ts (long stay tourist visa) then change it to working visa for renewal.

Know this doesn’t help the OP but may help others. It is possible to do