Potentiel move to Dordogne

Hi there.
We left France about 6 years ago for expat work in South Korea and our contract is up here end of August. If we are headed back to France we would like to live in the Dordogne region (last time we lived in Ile de France)
Our children have been attending an International school for the past 6 years and are now in Grade 7 and Grade 10, I think attending a French Public School would be extremely difficult for them so I would like for them to continue their International studies all the while perfecting their French, which they have unfortunately lost alot over the years. I’ve been looking at the Old School but Im worried about it being slightly isolated and not have many students to be able to make friends with… also its in the middle of nowhere so where would we live?.. Bergerac is over 30 mins away…
Any suggestions on where to live and schools would be greatly appreciated. We will be looking for a long term rental house with 3 bedrooms, pet friendly also.
Thanks for any advice and help. I tried looking for previous posts on here but surprisingly I couldn’t find a “school” topic tag.

Another option which is probably 1/2 way between is le cluzeau which is just out of Bergerac. Lots of Brits send thier kids there, they can sit Cambridge exams and GCSE if they want to in a few subjects.

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Wow, I just looked up the fees. Quelle bonne affair. When I was on assignment the International school fees were the guts of €20k PA, with loads of add ons. Luckily my firm picked up the tab.

As I said this is more an ‘in between’ allowing kids to be in the French system with total support. The original school she spoke of I think has FAR higher fees!