Pottery Materials

Hi All

A friend of our has moved back to the UK for health reasons, she has a pottery shed with two kilns, three pottery wheels and a large amount of glazes, slips etc. She had a sale to a local lady but unfortunately that feel apart. Is anyone interested in any of the material?

Based in the Tarn 25 km from Albi.



How much is she asking ?

Are the kilns electric or gas fired?

I would love to purchase the materials, but I live 4 hours’ drive away. Thank you for posting this, nevertheless!!

We are near Bergerac, so convenient. What is the rough cost involved please?

Hi GraemeL

She was talking about 8K euros for everything but may be willing to sell in part.



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Thanks @NickTarn . These must be pretty big and top quaiity items, too expensive for our family hobbyist.